It’s one of those dread moments in most homeowners’ lives. It’s the moment when you find evidence of roof damage. Unlike so many other problems around the house, putting off roof repairs can jeopardize your home’s integrity.

What if you’re new to the area? You don’t want roofing repairs from someone you picked at random online. How do you find a solid roofing professional?

If you’re looking for the best roofing company in your area, there are several ways you can locate that business. Keep reading for our top tips.

Ask Around

Much like finding a good general contractor, you can often find a roofing pro by asking around. Your neighbors and coworkers will likely prove a solid source of information about what companies offer roofing work. They can even give you some insight into the companies if they had roofing work done.

Check the Companies Out Online

You should check out all of the companies online. Look at their websites, of course, but don’t stop there.

See if the companies get reviews on major review sites. Check for patterns of good or bad reviews.

Are the companies listed with the Better Business Bureau? Are they ranked well with the BBB?

All of this online information can help you separate the good companies from the bad.

Get Estimates from Several Roofers

A typical roof replacement runs around $8000. Local factors can drive that price up or down a little. If you get estimates from several roofers, you get a sense of the local norms in terms of cost.

If all the bids come in within $500-$1000 of each other, you have a solid sense of what the project will run you. If a couple of the estimates come in way lower or way higher, you should ask those roofers a lot of questions. The difference in cost may prove justified, but a big variance is a red flag.

Check References

You should check references before hiring a roofer. Any reference a company gives you will obviously provide a glowing recommendation. What the reference does give you is some evidence of prior experience.

Trust Your Instincts

You should never hire any kind of contractor that makes you feel uncomfortable. This person or their employees will work around or even inside your home. If a roofer makes you feel leery, you should select someone else for your own peace of mind.

Getting the Best Roofing Company for Your Needs

Getting the best roofing company for your needs means taking practical steps along the way.

Get referrals from locals who used roofers in the past. Check out the companies online and see how they stack up. Get several estimates so you can establish a general idea of cost.

Check the references the roofers provide. It doesn’t hurt anyone to listen to a glowing review.

Trust your instincts about any contractor. If you’re not comfortable, pick someone else for the job.

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