The average lifespan of a roof is between 20 and 50 years, depending on the materials used. If you’ve had your home for a few decades, chances are you’ll need to make some roof repairs in the near future.

Are you thinking about doing your own repairs or even launching a career in the roofing industry? Either way, you need to know which roofing repair tools you’ll need.

Contractors will tell you that there are dozens of tools needed for even “simple” repair jobs. Keep reading to see the breakdown.

Which Roofing Repair Tools Do You Need?

To account for just about any kind of roofing repair or replacement job, you need to be able to remove and install roof material. Tools for different roofs will vary, but in general, you’ll need these tools and equipment for any job:

  • Heavy-duty ladder

  • Hard hat

  • Roofing shoes (steel-toe boots with soft soles)

  • Gloves

  • Chalk line tools

  • Tape measure

  • Roofing tool belt

  • Harnesses and webbing (and other personal fall arrest system (PFAS) equipment)

  • Wheelbarrow

For asphalt shingle roofs and metal roofs, you’re going to need special tools. Many tools are specifically to remove shingles and capture the nails and staples used to attach it to the roof. Then there are special tools for repairing and installing decking and the roofing material itself.

For typical asphalt roof repairs you might need:

  • Toeboards

  • Nail bags

  • Hammer tackers

  • Air compressor

  • Roofing Nailer

  • Power drill

  • Circular saw

  • Reciprocating saw (Sometimes called a “Sawzall”)

  • Extension cables

  • Prybar

  • Flatbar

  • Flat shovels

  • Prying spades

  • Push brooms

  • Roofing magnets

  • Tarp

Your roofing tools list doesn’t end here. Every roofer needs a full toolbox in the truck with tools ready to go with him on the roof and in his toolbelt.

Additional Tools for Roofing Repair

A contractor’s bucket is a handy toolbox for working up on the roof if it doesn’t fit in the belt. Usually, some things inside their toolbox include:

  • Shears (heavy-duty scissors)

  • Hammers (framing and regular claw hammer)

  • Roofing hammer

  • Mallets

  • Hacksaw

  • Roofing blade or utility knife with extra blades

  • Screwdriver set

  • Chisel set

  • Punch set

  • Wrench set

  • Sharpies

  • Tinsnips

  • Ziplock bags

For most asphalt shingle roof repairs on a budget, some simple hand tools can get the work done, though. These are tools like a claw hammer, utility knife, handsaw, tape measure, chalk line, and flat bar.

Rest assured, if you’re doing more than a single tile of shingles it’ll be slow going with only those simple tools!

Don’t Leave Home Without Them

There’s a big difference between the professional contractor’s toolbox and the home roofing repair tools you probably have easy access to. Professional nailers and air compressors, PPE, PFAS, and more cost in the thousands.

You probably won’t use all of these items in one roofing job. But with the money invested in these basic tools for general roof repair and replacement, it makes more sense to leave it to a professional.

Western Skies Exteriors are your Front Range roofing experts. We have the tools and the experience to tackle any repair or replacement roofing job you can think of.

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